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So I have been going through a whole bunch of photo’s lately for my new collection! Normally I speak about this openly, in fact I even had a client Kerry Karram say to me one time that she could tell by looking at my photo’s that morning, how I was feeling! Amazing how highly sensitive people can expose feelings through there vision! So here is a great example! Both photo’s are exact, one has one dimension more than the other! The black and white looks and feels quite dark and dramatic, however the other looks warm and inviting! Imagine these photo’s are your situation in life you can turn away and see another scenario or choose to look at it differently! Life is EXACTLY that, however you turn and look somewhere else but you are still in the same spot!! Remember that! Just the scenery changes not the physical location. So find your location and fill it with what you want to see! I choose some days to actually look for the best picture to shoot in Black and White as I want to feel and capture the emotion that black and white brings. you can also change the feeling with yet another dimension “Music”. You have creative control, not the emotion making you see it that way ! Anyway love to share that with you all, creative or highly sensitive people will be all over this, however the rest well you may think I am completely lost in it! Either way it has a purpose and I love to share! Good night all! ❤️🙏

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