• Karl

Trust Yourself 

So tonight I went through the process of numbering all my prints, during this very Tedious task I was thinking about the photo’s, more so the person behind the lens! Each photo has a memory, some awful actually! However the emotional trigger comes from much deeper, I often think about this on my rides. I believe there a three levels of feelings! We have the direct feelings which takes place upon a action! The next is a thought, a feeling that comes from a thoughts based around actions! Mostly from the head, the next is simple The Heart ❤️ this is where all the things that touch you, the need, the want, unconditional devotion! However this has a wonderful neighbour called the Gutt, we all have this sensor, however we all need to learn how to trust it! We go through battles and bumps just learn to TRUST your inner voice !love to all, regret to none and most of all forgive everyone! Lots of love goes out to you all

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